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Jeaninne Sperling - Business Manager
Jeaninne is an outgoing person that truly cares about her patients. She wants for everybody to have completely healthy teeth and gums. Passionate and caring, she will do whatever it takes to make it happen! Everyone that knows her will say that it is a true pleasure having her around and working with her. 


Michelle - Accounts Manager
Michelle is super sweet, patient and caring. She loves to help our patients and will do anything possible to find a way to make the finances happen so patients can take care of their dental needs. She is great with insurances and will help out maximize our patients benefits.




Alisa - Schedule Coordinator
Alisa is a great asset to our practice. She is very friendly and caring. Alisa is a great team player and gets along with everyone. Alisa always has a nice disposition. She loves to help out patients and loves to see them smile.




Priscilla - Insurance Coordinator
Priscilla loves teeth. The first thing she notices in a person is their smile. She is very sweet and caring, both over the phone and in person. She likes to make people feel welcome and at home. She is the first person you will meet upon entering our office and with her beautiful personality will make you feel really welcome.  





Alexa - RDH - Dental Hygienist
Alexa vividly remembers her grandma having full dentures at a very young age. She remembers the constant struggle her grandma endured due to the lack of natural teeth and her consequent loss of self esteem. This memory fuels her passion for her chosen field. She wants for everybody to keep healthy teeth and gums throughout their life and to enjoy a full and healthy smile. She is friendly, caring and professional. She loves the cultural diversity that South Florida has to offer and likes to help people from all walks of life. She enjoys when patients noticethe through job she performs.


Taylor - RDH - Dental Hygienist
Taylor is very cheerful and friendly. She loves her work and loves her patients. Taylor is afraid of the Dentist herself and so she can completely relate to her patients and immediately puts them at ease. She is extremely thorough and is 100 % focused on prevention. She makes sure that our patients arewell taught as to the proper hygiene techniques and maintenance. 






Yanelis - R.D.H - Dental Hygienist
Yanelis has always wanted to be in the dental field and is a Dentist from Cuba. Yanelis has a positive attitude and really great energy. She is upbeat, professional and a perfectionist. Very sweet and kind with a great sense of humor. Yanelis is very confident and offers comfort and support to the patients. She likes to do her best at all times and manages to do it while having fun and laughing a lot.






Daniella - Dental Assistant
Daniella loves teeth and has always wanted to be in the dental field. Daniella is a great example of the kind of values we strive to upkeep in our practice. She loves what she does; she enjoys taking care of patients and does her best to maintain a great atmosphere in the office. She treats everybody like family. Daniella is very patient and able to deal in a friendly and caring way with a lot of different types of people. She is upbeat, professional and perfectionist.




Peam - Dental Assistant
Peam is a Dentist from the Dominican Republic and absolutely loves her job. She has a great attitude and willingness to work, with her soft and gentle demeanor Peam greets everyone with a smile and makes sure they are comfortable.  Peam loves to help out and is always looking for ways to stay current and she makes sure that our patients are receiving the very best care possible.






Dr. Claudia Machado, D.M.D.
Dr. Machado Graduated from TUFTS University Dental School (the same school as Dr. Sperling). A proud Floridian, Dr. Machado completed her undergraduate education at the University of Florida in Gainesville, obtaining a B.S in Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Dr. Machado is gentle and caring, she enjoys spending time with her family and is an active member of her Community. She loves to participate in outreach programs and helping people. 



Katherine G - Dental Assistant
Kathy is just wonderful, she is very sweet and caring. She is always smiling and ready to help out. She is one of those people that as soon as you meet her, it seems as if you've known her forever. Katherine loves to help people and to witness significant changes in peoples lives. Kathy definitely creates a comfortable environment for patients and makes them feel at ease during any procedure.





Nora - Dental Assistant
Nora is super sweet and caring. Originally from Venezuela. She grew up loving dentistry as her mother is a Dentist back home. Nora remembers spending a lot of time in her office playing around as a child.  She loves to see the transformation that occurs when patients regain confidence in their smile and loves to see our patients well taken care of and doing well.  






                                                   Junie - Dental Assistant

 Junie has been Fascinated by teeth since she was very young. She would always be aware of people's teeth and imagined ways to make them look better. She likes to take part in every procedure that we do in the office and loves the technology we have. She is very attentive, sweet and super dedicated to her job and her patients. She loves what she does and it shows. Although she seems a little shy, she is a great singer and her personality just shines when she sings.                                                            






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