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At Dental Care Center of Hollywood, we work hard to create a relaxing and welcoming dental environment for children, teens, adults, and seniors. We never want you to feel like you're just a number, which is why our compassionate and attentive dental team listens to your needs and answers your questions. Our dental staff is also skilled at breaking down what each of our treatments entails so that you never feel like you're being rushed into a service that you don't understand. We can't wait to meet you and create a long-lasting relationship with you and yours.

Keep reading below to learn more about our skilled and compassionate dental team.



Jeaninne Sperling - Business Manager
Jeaninne is an outgoing person that truly cares about her patients. She wants for everybody to have completely healthy teeth and gums. Passionate and caring, she will do whatever it takes to make it happen! Everyone that knows her will say that it is a true pleasure having her around and working with her. 


Katiana- Treatment coordinator
Kat loves to help people find a solution for their dental problems. If someone is unhappy with their teeth or wants to regain and maintain their oral health, Kat will help them find a way to make it financially possible. She is informative and helpful. She loves the teamwork atmosphere in the office and the family feel of the practice. 

Kat is very informative, knowledgeable and helpful, she makes sure that every patient knows exactly what they are having done and how it is going to happen.

Kat loves to cook, specially very hot Haitian food.  



Alisa - Schedule Coordinator
Alisa is a great asset to our practice. She is very friendly and caring. Alisa is a great team player and gets along with everyone. Alisa always has a nice disposition. She loves to help out patients and loves to see them smile. She will even do magic to fit people in the schedule.




Priscilla - Insurance Coordinator
Priscilla loves teeth. The first thing she notices in a person is their smile. She is very sweet and caring, both over the phone and in person. She likes to make people feel welcome and at home. She is the first person you will meet upon entering our office and with her beautiful personality will make you feel really welcome.  





Alexa - RDH - Dental Hygienist
Alexa vividly remembers her grandma having full dentures at a very young age. She remembers the constant struggle her grandma endured due to the lack of natural teeth and her consequent loss of self esteem. This memory fuels her passion for her chosen field. She wants for everybody to keep healthy teeth and gums throughout their life and to enjoy a full and healthy smile. She is friendly, caring and professional. She loves the cultural diversity that South Florida has to offer and likes to help people from all walks of life. She enjoys when patients notice the thorough job she performs.




Yanelis - R.D.H - Dental Hygienist
Yanelis has always wanted to be in the dental field and is a Dentist from Cuba. Yanelis has a positive attitude and really great energy. She is upbeat, professional and a perfectionist. Very sweet and kind with a great sense of humor. Yanelis is very confident and offers comfort and support to the patients. She likes to do her best at all times and manages to do it while having fun and laughing a lot.





Vanessa - Dental Assistant
Vanessa  likes helping people. She feels that a lot of people don't come to the Dentist because they are afraid so she makes sure they have a nice, smooth and calm experience. Vane wants the patients to know that she is caring, listens to them and wants them to have as pleasant visit as possible and to come back.

In addition to her full time job at the office, Vanessa is also attending school with the intention of becoming a Dentist.  She enjoys taking long walks in nature.    



Tania Flores - R.D.H - Dental Hygienist

Tania  has always been interested in people's teeth and how a nice smile can make a lot of difference in people and their confidence. Tania has a calm demeanor and thoroughly explains everything to the patients. Patients feel very relaxed around her. Tania takes a lot of pride in the quality of her work, she wants her patients to leave the office with the feeling that they just had the best dental cleaning of their lives.

Tania is originally from Honduras where she graduated from Dental school. She is an avid reader and likes to go to the movies and to church.




 Ana Maria - Dental Assistant                                                                                                                   

Ana is just wonderful. She loves working hands on and is always ready to help out. She is very easy going and kind. She loves learning new things and working with the latest technology. She makes sure that all of the patients questions are answered. She loves to spend time with her family playing sports and going to the beach. 




Marilyn - Dental Laboratory Technician 

Marilyn is a Dentist from Venezuela and graduated 6 years ago. She loves how meticulous and satisfactory the dental profession is. She loves the technology we use in the office as well as the standard of care and professionalism we exhibit at Dental Care Center of Hollywood.

She wants to go above and beyond for the patients. She is personable and kind to everyone.

Marilyn is a recent Mom and she describes herself as a full -time Mom and a full-time dental assistant.    





Jolie - Dental Assistant                                                      

Jolie is a Dentist from Colombia. She loves being part of the health profession. She is always learning and wants our patients to feel comfortable and well treated. She is very friendly and pleasant. She loves to play sports and keep active. When not working you can find her running or at the gym.                                                                







Michy is super nice, super friendly and warm. She is so easy going she is the best person to meet as soon as you arrive in the office. She wants to make sure everyone is well taken care of and well treated.

Michy has been a great part of our team since the beginning and she is a total team player.

Michy loves boating and traveling.   


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