Testimonials 2012

Mi experiencia ha sido excelente. El trato al paciente siempre es muy cordial y eficiente. Nunca el tiempo de espera es mayor de unos pocos minutos y el area de espera es comoda y agradable.
El personal es muy profesional. En general la atencion es optima.

Alicia E. 12/12/2012

The doctor, nurses and staff @ Dental Care Center of Hollywood are wonderful. Before arriving at the dentists office I agonized all day thinking about going to the dentist. Thankfully, upon walking into the office I instantly felt much more relaxed and at ease. The staff greeted me with warm welcomes & hellos. I talked and talked to Sharon non of it had to do with dentistry, I enjoyed that. From a scale from 1 to 10 you all get 100!!

Gladys M. 12/6/12

Staff and doctor are all very knowledgeable, compassionate & patient. Overall a great experience with a warm, personal touch.

Elliot E. 12/3/12

I am very delighted that I chose you to be my dental care. My daughter and I are pleased with the work you provided for me and would like to thank you Dr. Hans Sperling for my beautiful smile. I am feeling better about myself already, now I am flashing my irresistible smile with confidence, your staff was focused on providing the best quality care, special thanks to Sharon she was always communicating with me, to help me meet my individual goals and my needs, as for me it was a success to have a great smile. I love to give and receive gift but I know that the greatest gift I have given myself is when I look in the mirror and see that Dr. Hans Sperling gave me a beautiful smile. I appreciate that you met my expectations. Thank you for your quality care and I wish you and your staff the best of health and happiness and success in making a difference in another persons life.

Chelsea S. 11/21/12

I just moved to this area a few months ago. With a simple phone call @ 10am I was in seeing the Dr. at 10:30. AMAZING. Took x-rays Dr. went over everything I had wrong in my mouth (not having been to a dentist in a lot of years) we discussed what needed to be done and my options. The staff of professionals was a pleasure to meet and work with. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome and comfortable, I will be back to get the work completed. Dr. Sperling was very forth coming with his plan of action. Excellent job I will recommend anyone that I know here to visit your office.

Denise V. 10/23/12

My experience was great! All the staff is super friendly. My tooth looks like if nothing every happened to it. I recommend Dental Care Center to anyone looking for a fantastic and caring dentist.

Jenny M. 10/23/12

I have a long history with Dr. Sperling. He and his staff do the best they can to make you comfortable during procedures of which some can be difficult by the nature of them.

Melissa A. 10/23/12

The staff has always been very courteous and professional and I will recommend this dental office to everyone I can.

Anthony L. 10/17/12

Dr. Sperling & staff are the best! They are like an extended family always concerned about each patient. I enjoy visiting the office and seeing the friendly faces of staff greeting me it makes the experience enjoyable. The appointment reminders via text, email are very helpful and appreciated. Overall A++++ =)

Lakeshia W. 10/5/12

I really enjoy the loving spirit that is displayed by each individual. Its a place where everything is made so easy, all questions are answered. Love all you and I am so glad to have met each person.

Estella H. 10/4/12

It is always my pleasure to come to the office with smiling faces, I always feel like in the family. I always feel taken care of in a excellent and caring way.

Hana F. 10/2/12

Dr. Sperling and his dental team offer wonderful care. They get to know you and pay close attention to your needs. As a patient, you will know that they have listened to you and give you the care you need. You will feel welcomed and at ease.

Dianna Q. 9/28/12

Mi experiencia fue excelente, me agrado el servicio, todos son muy amables y me ha gustado lo que han hecho en mi dentadura. Gracias!

Diana G. 9/28/12

I had a very good experience at the dentist. As usual everything went fine I am always treated nicely everyone is friendly and respectful I never mind going to the dentist.

Carol L. 9/27/12

I love that place! Very nice people, respectful and always happy. I went there a few times with my baby and when she started crying the girls took care of her for me and entertained her until I was done. The Dr. was very patient and no pain.

Kirenia M. 9/27/12

Words can’t describe my experience at the Dental Care Center of Hollywood. I always walk in and walk out with a smile on my face. Since smile is the unique proposition of human race, I would definitely recommend dental care center to anyone, family, stranger and good friends.

Fritz G. 9/20/12

Everyone in the office staff is friendly and polite. I would highly recommend them for professional dental services. Dr. Sperling is very graceful and a pleasure to work with. He and the entire office staff made this the best dental experience I have ever received. Alexa was also a pleasure to work with and works with great precision and made all of my appointments a good experience. I have confidence that in the future I will now have my dental health back. Thank again for all the support to everyone at Dental Care Center of Hollywood.

Clifford S. 9/12/12

I came to see Dr. Sperling after doing a lot of research on reputable doctors in the area. He has the most experience and certifications of all the dentist in the area. My first consultation was great. I felt like they were trying to help me, rather than push a product. I had Invisalign put in about a year ago. My Family, friendly, and wife have noticed the changes for the better. I had appointments almost twice a month for over a year and they were never late. The staff is friendly and know their job. I would and have recommended Dental Care Center of Hollywood to anyone who asks for a good dentist.

Donald B. 9/7/12

It was a great experience working with the team and staff. They took awesome care of my teeth and aside from that, showed that they actually care about my well being as a person. This is my second go-around with braces and I can honestly say that I would do this again if I had to. Lovely service, pleasant atmosphere, and they welcome each and every client with open arms. They made me a very happy young man with a new set of straight teeth.

Christopher S. 9/6/12

Sharon was excellent in her services. The employe was professional and informative. She is very knowledgeable and supportive. Give her my regards.

Godwin C. 8/31/12

I moved to Jacksonville for school and tried to find a new place for my routine dental cleaning and check-ups but all that effort resulted with negative results. I know Dr. Sperling and his crew they did a lot of work for me and they are the one's who know exactly what I need for my dental needs. I need to drive 4 hrs but it doesn't matter because I feel at home when I am here. As always, nice job done and meeting the new crew was exciting. No waiting time, no pain and most importantly it was nice to see them again. Thanks!

Burak B. 8/23/12

Excellent and painless service each and every time I visit. The staff get's the job done quickly and effectively. I honestly feel very comfortable coming in each and every time as opposed to before at my old dentist. Keep up the great work!

Jonathan A. 8/23/12

The whole staff is very pleasant and helpful. I am not a fan of going to the dentist but coming here is great. I have nothing to say but great things

Jayne B. 8/22/12

Alexa was wonderful. She made my experience great. I would come back again. The doctor and staff were really nice. I also had the doctor do my crown in the past and he was amazing and it came out really nice.

Enrique M. 8/10/12

I have never been at a medical facility where everyone is so caring. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable but also kind and with beautiful manners. No one has ever said please and thank you when asking me to turn my head(dental hygienists, too). Everyone is patient with answering questions and making sure I was comfortable. What a great office family.

Susan W. 8/2/12

The cleaning was much more pleasant than I expected. No pain whatsoever and the hygienist, Sandra, was extremely pleasant and very efficient. I look forward to my next session.

George R. 8/2/12

My experience was very professional. I had four teeth capped and I could never tell they were not my own teeth. I have had countless comments from friends and relatives.

Paul L. 8/2/12

I went to Dr. Sperling's office because my previous dentist office stopped taking my insurance. During my first visit at Dental Care Center of Hollywood, I was amazed by the staff's customer service and prompt responses. The staff is very friendly and they always send out reminder appointment dates via phone, text, and email. Thus far, I have visited twice, and I have no regrets. Dr. Sperling carefully showed me all my x-rays on a computer screen and kindly explained to me the positives, negatives, and alternatives. This is my first time ever going to a dentist and not experiencing any pain after a filing. Dr. Sperling is very patient and he talked me through the entire process. He made me feel very comfortable and so did his dental assistant. It only took him 30 mins to complete my filling process. I highly recommend this dentist!

Chandra W. 7/27/12

My experience was terrific. I am not one who likes to go to Doctors or Dentist but Dr. Sperling is the best Dentist I have ever been to and his staff is great, they always try to make you feel comfortable. I have found a "forever Dentist".

Teresa L. 7/27/12

I appreciate your expertise, the smoothness of the procedure and the kind follow up by phone. On a lighter note..Quien es ese viejo barbudo posando con la juventud?

Jaime R. 7/27/12

Thank you so much Dr. Sperling, you did a fabulous job (and with hardly any pain). I really like the way my teeth look and even the way they feel. All of your staff are GREAT too. They are all so pleasant and concerned, it sure makes a a difference in one's experience in a dental office. You guys are great and you always make me feel as if I am the only patient in the office. Thank you for the quality of outstanding service you continue to provide. I am smiling BIG now. Thanks again and see you soon.

Estreya L. 7/25/2012

The short time I was here I had a great experience. Their is really good customer care here which makes you feel welcome including lovely ladies who will take care of you! Woooo!

Joshua N. 7/25/12

Extraordinaria, toda la atención y el trabajo suministrado por toda la gente de este lugar. El doctor y la asistente, súper especiales es con tanta la suavidad que trabajan que uno nunca siente o se da cuenta cuando le sacan los dientes.

The attention and the work given by the people in this place to the patients is wonderful. The staff in the office is very kind and nice.

Hernando N. 7/23/12

Vine a ver a Dr. Sperling buscando ayuda para solucionar mis problemas dentales. Al llegar conseguí a un equipo de trabajo muy profesional y sobre todo amigable y cordial que hicieron de mi largo tratamiento una experiencia sencilla y agradable. Me sorprendió lo fácil que pudo ser el resolver problemas complejos, pues mi experiencias anteriores con odontólogos no habían sido gratas. Por supuesto agradezco la paciencia, profesionalismo, clara orientación al cliente y la relación costo-beneficioso que encontré en este gran equipo, donde he tratado a mi familia completa y agradezco a mi amiga Bibi por haber insistido en que viniera acá!

Gorette G. 6/19/12

It was good. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. The doctor and asst. are wonderful and have good bedside manners.

Samantha F. 6/19/12

After not having a cleaning for a long time what a wonderful experience, seriously my teeth feel so good. I almost can't wait to come back! Sandra was wonderful, careful honest and very comforting. Thanks so much to all!

Colleen O. 6/19/12

Each time I come for my visit I receive excellent care from all - Dr. & the girls included. Any issue I have is explained fully to me & taken care of all in one - I appreciate everyone's TLC!

Colleen O. 6/4/12

Every time I come into the dental office the staff is super attentive and friendly. Everyone who works here is so pleasant. Today I was in and out within 20 minutes after getting my permanent crown put in. Everyone is truly great. I have been coming back for about four years now. They really work with you to make all you dental issues and concerns go away. I am very happy with their services. Thank you!

Elizabeth H. 6/4/12

Sandra has given me exceptional service. She was extremely dedicated and has me taking care of my teeth. I have been flossing on a daily basis due to her deep concern about the welfare of my teeth and gums.

Anton G. 5/25/12

My experience at Dental Care Center of Hollywood was exceptional! The service and experience was beyond what I expected. Everyone was extremely kind and caring best dental experience. Thank you Dr. Sperling and staff!

Brittany H. 5/24/12

It was wonderful, everybody is very nice and they know what they are doing. They didn't make me wait and Dr. Sperling is the best. I would recommend DCC of H to all my friends and family.

Raquel A. 5/22/12

I cannot express how professional and courteous the entire staff is. I called in the morning to see if I could come in that very same day as an emergency and within the hour I was seeing Dr. Sperling. Thank you so much for taking care of my problem. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family.

Cathy V. 5/21/12

We attended a dental cleaning last week and were very pleased to receive personal attention in Spanish. They did a professional job and we maintained a warm interaction with the hygienist. My children have also enjoyed their experience with the dental practice. Our expectations with this office is to receive the same treatment throughout the planned work, maintain our oral health and demonstrate, with a big smile, we're happy with the result.

Gorette G. 5/21/12

I went to at least 5 different dentist offices, reviewing prices, office personnel and how nice/knowledgeable they were, how I felt about the dentist (him/herself) & it wasn't until I visited Dr. Sperling practice that I felt that I would be in good hands and he actually cares about his patients. Though its hard to converse while being worked on, you feel the warmth in that office. Very good dentist, I am satisfied with the work done so far, cant wait to see my final look. I'll be able to smile with confidence. Thank you all.

Hazel A. 5/21/12

My visit at the Dentist office was very good the receptionist are very nice the dental assistants are very concerned about you and they listen to you if there are any problems.

Johnie M. 5/18/12

My experience was excellent. Everyone is very nice, I'm very happy with the results of the braces removal and teeth cleaning. I feel more confident and very happy. I look forward to coming back.

Grettel Z. 5/16/12

I've always had a great experience at the Dental Care Center. The doctor did my implants, I had no pain it was a pleasant procedure. I would recommend this office to all my friends, very experienced people work here. Dr. Sperling is very knowledgeable.

Iris L. 5/9/12

Sandra is a wonderful dental hygienist. She makes sure that my every experience is a pleasurable one. Sandra makes me want to get my teeth clean and that is a great thing! Thank you to the team at Dental Care Center!

Nicole W. 4/23/12

I must admit my fear of needles but after my treatment/procedure with Dr. Sperling I believe that fear is gone. I had a pain free procedure. Staff members were very pleasant, caring and professional. I look forward to my other treatment sessions to follow. Impeccable Service!

Barlene N. 4/17/12

On Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 I woke up in an unbearable pain and called into the office to share my pain and to have it examined thinking it would take numerous days to be seen however I received a call back from the receptionists that opened a slot for me the same day! Turned out that I needed a root canal. The doctor along with his two assistants made it very quick, easy, and painless for me. From when I walk in and get greeted by the receptionist and checked out by the account mgr and scheduler its a great experience. I would recommend this practice to anyone who wants to feel welcomed and at home

Robert S. 4/17/12

When I first had my first appointment to get my braces I was a little nervous but all the employees made me feel so comfortable. Throughout the whole process everyone was so nice especially Hans and Jeaninne. They were always very good when I was here for my appointments. They have great service and everyone should come here because I guarantee they will be the best!

Sydney F. 4/11/12

I came into Dr. Sperling for my first crown and was very nervous. A little humor and calming nature go a long way in making my experience very comfortable. Sharon was very gentle and informative with what my care would be for my new crown. Thanks everyone!

Denise K. 3/29/12

I'm very pleased with my dental center especially my hygienist. She makes me feel at ease and comfortable and gives me a lot of encouragement that is why I still keep coming. The staff is very nice and also once I'm scheduled it's like their waiting for me. I don't have to wait a lot I feel much better now. May God bless you guys. Thank you!

Myrtha 3/27/12

As always, I was treated in a professional, courteous manner, but more than this, the staff makes me feel extra special. They always remember my problems and we discuss things, it's very special. Dr. Sperling always does superb work with the highest tech equipment. Great!

Carol J. 3/21/12

My experience here was really great. I had fun here and everyone here was really nice. They were really supportive and never let me down with anything that I asked them. The doctors are incredibly nice and couldn't ask for better ones. The staff was good and all helped me little by little. I couldn't ask for a better dentist office.

Christopher D. 3/20/12

Life changing experience. I am forever grateful for the work and the patience that you had with me. After waiting for this for so long it was an amazing result that I didn't think it was possible. Thank you for the time and effort and for giving me a more than perfect smile! =)

Wanda L. 3/19/12

Life changing experience. I am forever grateful for the work and the patience that you had with me. After waiting for this for so long it was an amazing result that I didn't think was possible. Thank you for the time and effort and for giving me a more than perfect smile!

Wanda L. 3/19/12

The Doctor was very good and patient, he made my visit very comfortable and is good at what he does. Looking forward to seeing him again in the future. As for the rest of the staff everyone has been very friendly towards me and they show that they care. Super Great!

Jennifer A. 3/9/12

Mi experiencia con Dental Care Center of Hollywood fue excelente. Todas las personas son muy amables, el Doctor es super, y me encanto haberme hecho mi tratamiento con ellos

Angelica C. 3/9/12

Tengo 2 años viniendo a la oficina del Dr. Sperling y el trato en todo momento ha sido muy cordial por parte de todo su equipo. El Dr. Sperling siempre ha sido muy profesional y su trabajo intachable. Siempre salgo satisfecha de las limpiezas y cada vez que vengo se que estoy en las mejores manos. Se lo recomendé a mi esposo y él tambien viene, y a toda persona que me pregunte por un bien dentista se lo recomiendo con los ojos cerrados.

Patricia P. 3/01/12

My experience has always been excellent in every way. Very satisfied with all aspects of this dental group. Everything has been perfect since the first time. Thank you!

Susan S. 2/21/12

I am so impressed with the quality of service I've received here. The staff is friendly yet professional and extremely hospitable. I also like that this office offers practically all the dental procedures a person might need, making keeping up with one's dental health so convenient. Thank you so much! I've already referred you all to my friends!!

Tamara G. 2/16/12

The staff was nice and seemed to care a lot about their job. They were very helpful and have improved my teeth so much over the years.

Ian L. 2/13/12

My experience has been awesome. Everyone has been so professional. Dr. Sperling tells it how it is. There are no motives behind what he says except for them wanting to help you. I really appreciate the honesty from everyone here at the office and their always willing to go above and beyond. Awesome!!

Sunny G. 2/9/12

Love you guys!! Every time I needed to come in, a spot was always open. Every question I had answered. I never had to wait more than 10 min. for my appointment. I'm so happy with my new smile. Thank you so much. I look very sexy now.

Jazmin M. 2/9/12

My experience was wonderful. The girls are always friendly and helpful. My crown fits perfect, great job. Thanks!

Julia B. 2/1/12

What I thought would be a traumatic "root canal" experience based on past experiences elsewhere turned out to be a pleasant pain free experience. Thank you!

Ana P. 1/30/12

Besides being so happy with how my teeth look now.... I love coming here because the staff is fantastic. Everybody is professional, happy, and willing to help. I love Dental Care Center of Hollywood!

Daniela O. 1/26/12

After 8 years of not going to the dentist. I came after being referred by my girlfriend and I am glad I did. The staff and the doctor where very friendly and professional. I am now very happy my teeth are back in good health and I have a dentist I can trust with it.

Ronald D. 1/23/12

Sandra will you marry me? No wait, no hassle and soft hands. Thank you Dr. Sperling and Dental Care Center of Hollywood.

Salo W. 1/19/12

Had a very good experience, I truly appreciate the level of professionalism at Dental Care Center of Hollywood.

Alexandra D. 1/3/12

Dr. Sperling was great. He explained the procedure and everything went smooth. Would definitely recommend.

Marlem A. 1/4/12