Testimonials 2011

Testimonials 2011

I was very impressed with the staff and services at Dr. Sperling's office. The integration of the internet/text notifications proves very efficient.

John M. 12/28/11

It was excellent they really care about making me comfortable and at ease with all the treatments. I have already recommended this dental office to many friends and coworkers.

Viviana L. 12/16/11

My experience has been a long ride it was painful at first but all braces are, I had a lot of patience but I am glad I got the braces it was worth the long wait. Everyone was so nice and helpful to me. It was a great adventure and I am so happy!

Vilma C. 12/15/11

After not going to the dentist for five years due to the fact that I couldn't take the pain of the procedures I decided to return and the new dentist was Dr. Sperling. What a difference!!Night and day! Pain free! Friendly, efficient, highly professional, and courteous are just some of the words that come to mind when describing the entire staff.

Gilbert H. 12/13/11

The doctor and staff explain exactly what I need as a patient. Great payment plan. Would recommend this Dental facility to everyone. Thank you Dental Care :)

Zipporah S. 12/13/11

What a new world for me, the Hollywood Dental Center has renewed my faith in coming in on a regular basis and many thanks for the confidence it has given me. Great staff, helpful, understanding and patient. You're all so great, I'm spreading the word.

Susan H. 12/13/11

The best dentist in the world...the staff is awesome they are very friendly and professional. They always have a smile and treat me like family, not as a number, keep up the great work and customer service.


Frenchy R. 12/13/11

If their is a word better than excellent I would use it for all of you. You are all very courteous and loving people, I could not imagine that going to the dentist was going to be such a calm experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Luis L. 12/13/11

Dr. Sperling is so concerned about his patients health. My husband and I were very surprised at how well the doctor and his entire staff treated us! I got so much more that I expected from my visit, and I will definitely be back in the future with any other dental issues! Thank you so much, I will be sending anyone I know your way for dental care.


Zuzana V. 12/13/11

As always for me and my family Dr. Sperling is our only choice. The staff are very professional and very polite we are very happy with our dental decisions.


Gareth T. 12/13/11

Dr. Sperling and his staff always provide the most excellent customer service. I am very satisfied with the dental care provided, and I recommend Dental Care Center without hesitation.

Sheila E. 12/13/11

I am a difficult patient with bad teeth. Dr. Hans and company took care beyond expectation off all my problems. I am glad I had the chance to visit his office. All my regards.

Claudia M. 11/30/11

This is the best dental office I've been to. The service is phenomenal and it's people are simply the best supportive professionals. My teeth and I always leave HAPPY from any appointment. Thank you Dr. Hans and team!

Xiomara V. 11/17/11

Apart from the pain and nerves, I must say I am very pleased with the entire staff especially Dr. Sperling and Mariana. I would recommend anyone to come here, everyone is so nice and concerned. Dr. Sperling does a very good job.

Thank you and God Bless

CT 11/15/11

Gratitude to Sandra, I feel well taken care of after a session with her. I appreciate her and the staff here. Thank you for helping me take good, no!, GREAT care of my teeth and gums. A wonderful staff, and an awesome hygienist =)

Thomas S. 11/8/11

As always, I received the best care from the moment I arrived. Dr. Sperling explained exactly what would be done during the procedure. They made me feel comfortable and reassured me throughout the entire process. After the root canal, Dr. Sperling took time to explain what he had done- showing me the before and after x-rays and explaining my medications which I would need to use to guard against infection. The easiest root canal I ever had!!

Barbara H. 10/31/11

I am so grateful that I was able to choose a Dentist so close to my home. From day one I felt totally comfortable with the office, the very friendly staff made me feel at ease. I want to thank everyone at the Dental Care Center for making me feel special. I have truly found a great Dentist and I will recommend to everyone. Thanks!


Lakeshia W. 10/27/11

My experience- as great as going to the dentist can be. Alexa is the best. She makes the visit enjoyable and makes you comfortable. I don't want to see anyone else. The office staff are always friendly. The reminders on my cell and e-mail are a great help.

Luke M. 10/20/11

Excellent experience. Sandra did a deep scale cleaning and it was great. She made sure I was comfortable and did everything to minimize the discomfort. Many years of neglect on my part. Also be sure to ask for the massage chair to complete the experience!
Everyone was great in the office. The girls up front for scheduling, the cleaning and Dr. Sperling as well!


Greg P. 9/28/2011

I love going to Dr. Sperling's office and I had an extremely positive experience for several reasons:
1. At first, I was nervous and I thought it's too late to have braces. But after I consulted with Dr. Sperling, I was totally convinced that it's still not too late. he answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable right from the beginning.
2. The assistants are very efficient and create a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
3. The office staff is very pleasant and they always greet me with a smile. They worked out a very feasible payment plan for me.
4. The length of the treatment was exactly what he had promised me.
Overall, my orthodontic treatment was painless and quite pleasant. Thank you Dr. Sperling for my beautiful smile. I highly recommend him for anyone. I will miss seeing them every month.

Samantha C. 9/26/2011

I'm very happy, the doctor gave me back my beautiful smile.
Estoy muy contenta, el Dr. Sperling es muy profesional, rápido y muy bueno en su trabajo.

Helena S. 9/23/2011

I had braces for a year and a half and it was a lot easier that I expected it to be. The orthodontist always explained what he was doing so I wouldn't have to worry about what was being done to my teeth. Everyone is very friendly and kind. I would recommend this dentist to everyone.

Adina 8/31/2011

I am very happy with Dr. Sperling and his staff. I switched dentists because I wanted a second opinion concerning my dental health. I found a great office, with staff that takes the time to explain what they are doing, not rushed. I also like that I am attended to right away without sitting for an hour in the waiting room. I recommend Dr. Sperling and his staff to everyone.

Paola S. 8/29/11

Dr. Sperling's office is the best I've been to yet. His staff is very professional and assists with all needs. I just had two fillings done and everything went very smoothly.


Michael M. 8/25/11

My experience here at Dr. Sperling's office has been excellent. Dr. Sperling and the staff are extremely helpful and flexible with any scheduling problems I may have. The professionalism, respect and work ethics are very much shown throughout the office staff! I highly recommend Dental Care Center of Hollywood to whoever would like to have perfect teeth!

Judith F. 8/22/11

I am very happy with the job Dr. Sperling did in 2008, it was a very good job everything is still in good condition. We are very happy he is our dentist. (my family and I)


Makarena G. 8/18/11

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received at Dental Care Center of Hollywood. When I first came in I was afraid to smile, after receiving care I cant stop! Dr. Sperling and his staff changed my life I am forever grateful for Dr. Sperling and his excellent staff.

Kassandra S. 7/28/11

The visit was a pleasure as usual. Staff is always concerned with my satisfaction as far as dental care is concerned. Love this Doctors office!

A. 7/27/11

Pleasant Surroundings- Welcoming Staff- Appointments on Time- Total Team Work - Tender Care for your Comfort - Concern for future dental health. Thank you Dr. Hans. Sperling and staff.

Gloria G. 7/22/11

I truly enjoyed my visit here everyone was very kind and professional. Dr. Sperling is a wonderful dentist and so is his staff. I plan on coming back in the future.

Maureen P. 7/20/11

A wonderful, professional, and friendly atmosphere. The staff and the doctor took great care of me and taught me how to do the best home care. I'm glad they sent out the mailer or I wouldn't have known they were here! Thanks to all =) Keep Smiling


Lauren S. 7/20/11

I was so scared to get my wisdom teeth taken out but it turned out to be a good experience. They supported me and made me feel good, I was so happy with the way I was treated by the entire staff. Afterwards, I had a renewed sense of faith in people. Thank you so much!


Tanja B. 7/8/11

My experience with my extraction today was painless. I had nightmares about today thinking the process would be painful, but it was actually quick and fast. I love this place and would refer anyone who needs dental work.

Lucile V. 6/10/11

From day one my experience with Dr. Sperling and Sandra my hygienist has been stellar. The quality of care, personalized service and follow up is the best I have experienced. I highly recommend Dental Care Center of Hollywood, Dr. Sperling and his staff to anyone that needs Oral or Dental Care. Thank you!


Salo W. 6/9/11

I came to Dr. Sperling with a lot of issues that I had left untreated. I was shown my treatment plan along with my discounted dental plan price. Dr. Sperling and his staff made my experience quick and painless. Thank you for everything. Look on Yelp for my full review.


Sohail K. 5/24/11

Very clean with new and modern equipment. Non intimidating, a cheerful staff and everyone is a pro. No pain and lots of gain I have been to other dentists in the area but I am sticking with this one!

Arley T. 5/21/11

Had a great experience, I'm not a fan of the dentist but I always feel at ease with Dr. Sperling and his staff, especially Alexa. She is a wonderful person. She made me feel very comfortable and is very friendly. It definitely adds to the experience and makes the staff even better. Dr. Sperling should be very proud to have someone like Alexa as an employee. I always recommend Dr. Sperling to everyone I know. Very Happy =)


Marielys R. 5/18/11

I have truly enjoyed my experience with Dental Care Center of Hollywood. Prior to my first appointment my husband had visited several times for several procedures and he also loved his experiences with all the staff. You guys are helpful, kind, and considerate. During my pregnancy thanks to the quick bond with my husband I received a keepsake album and card welcoming our little baby girl and for that I am truly thankful. I look forward to my future experiences and I am usually terrified of the dentist! =) Thank you for making my return to regularly visiting the dentist a pleasant one!

Aileen S. 5/12/11

My experience was great! Sandra taught me the importance of flossing and she was very knowledgeable and kind. From signing in to making my next appointment the staff was wonderful. Thank you.

Carmen R. 5/9/11

Cuando llegue a esta oficina dental, desde el principio quede muy impresionada por la forma de tratarme todas las muchachas del staff. Aunque estaba aterrorizada al principio me dieron una sensación en mi corazón tan grande una tranquilidad ante la comprensión de todos que me siento como en “Mi Casa”. El doctor encantador, muy profesional, comprensivo y agradable. Me siento feliz por haberlos conocido a todos. Dios me los bendiga hoy y siempre.

Maria Z. 5/5/11

My experience was great! Staff was extremely friendly and informative. The dental cleaning was gentle and my teeth feel great and clean. I'm very glad to be a patient at Dental Care Center of Hollywood

Brittany 5/5/11

I love my dentist and his entire staff. The professionalism and services rendered come highly recommended. I'm always telling my friends this is the place to come for pain free dental work. Thanks Dr. Sperling.


Anita B. 5/2/11

Hasta ahora mi experiencia ha sido satisfactoria, me sentí muy a gusto con el servicio y cordialidad del personal y todas sus atenciones.

Rosabel N. 4/20/11

Maravilloso, encantada de haberlos conocido me sentí como en familia, me sentí querida. Son ustedes maravillosos. Se preocupan mucho por todos nosotros y seguiré con ustedes y recomendaré a otros. Dios me los bendiga.

Lilian R. 4/20/11

My experience has been so wonderful. Most people do not like going to the dentist. As a new patient to this dental office and personally knowing the dentist. I highly recommend this office for a truly welcoming feeling and wonderful care.

Michelle R. 3/22/2011

Sandra, the dental hygienist, has been with me for 2 years now. I must compliment her professionalism and friendly manner every visit. She has been extremely helpful by explaining her work and answering questions regarding my dental and oral healthcare. Gratefully I look forward to coming here when scheduled. She is wonderful, polite and special to this office.


Thom S. 3/11/2011

Your whole staff is wonderful, very helpful if I would have known this, I would have come years ago. I recommend your office to everyone. Thanks so much!


Eileen M. 3/6/2011

It was an awesome experience. Everyone was very helpful and friendly! They all made me feel very at ease and comfortable! I will tell all my friends about my time here at the Dental Care Center.

Marllon D. 3/3/2011

Dr. Sperling and his wonderful staff were very helpful and understanding through the entire process. They were very patient with me in the beginning when I was afraid of pulling teeth and they found a way of making me a beautiful smile without pulling the teeth. I am very happy with the results and if I had to do this process over again would definitely come back to Dr. Sperling.

Jessica H. 3/3/2011

I showed up to the office knowing and understanding the process involved in getting two implants placed into my jawbone on the same day. I was very relaxed up until we started up the procedure. I was more afraid of what might happen than the actual procedure. Dr. Sperling was very informative about what he was doing and made it simple. He quickly eased my anxiety and the implants went in really quickly I would say they spent more time with the x rays than the whole job with the implants. So the two implants went in and it was over before I knew it. To tell the truth it didn't hurt at all, no crazy grinding noises just a really smooth job. I had told myself how bad it was going to be so many times and put off the while thing for more than 2 years - all for nothing. I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. I have had some experiences with other Dentists that lets say were undesirable. But Dr. Sperling and his whole Staff is Priceless! I am now on my first day with my new implant studs and I worked the whole day no problem. I am thankful for all the information and patience Dr. Sperling showed me, he changed the way I feel about going to see the Dentist. If you are thinking about getting implants or any procedure done to your mouth, I highly recommend letting Dr. Sperling do it for you! I am very appreciative.

Shannon S. 2/14/11

I had a broken tooth that needed a root canal. Dr. Sperling and staff were fabulous. They took the time to show me the issues on both x-rays and pictures so I could make an informed decision. Needing much work, and no dental insurance, I was thrilled about the financing options. Dr. Sperling took his time to make sure I was comfortable during the procedure. I also appreciated the follow up call to ensure all was well. I highly recommend Dental Care Center of Hollywood!


Coleen S. 2/14/11

I was very happy at how stress free the experience was. For all the work I had done there was little or no pain. It was quick and everybody was friendly. I felt comfortable each time I came in. I thought the text reminders were the best!

Kathryn E. 1/6/11

Everything from start to finish went smoothly. The members of the staff were warm and inviting, and insured everything went according to plan.


Anthony G. 1/3/11

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