Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns in Hollywood, FL

Same-day crowns offer many benefits for our patients. When visiting our office to address a toothache, an injury to your teeth, a broken restoration, or a dental emergency, Dental Care Center of Hollywood can expedite your recovery significantly.

These issues often call for restorative dentistry and. Dr. Hans Sperling has the skill, experience, and technology to treat the underlying cause of the problem and repair the aesthetics of your smile, typically in one day.

Severe tooth pain usually indicates a deep infection in the pulp and normally requires root canal therapy. This procedure is finished by placing a permanent crown over the treated tooth.

If you experience an injury to a tooth, depending on the level of damage, root canal therapy or extraction may be necessary. In some cases, where the tooth is cracked or broken but the pulp is not disturbed, a crown may solve the problem.

The Dental Care Center of Hollywood Difference

At most dental practices, the process to receive treatment and the final crown is the same. A dental impression obtained with dental putty, a temporary cap, and a return visit two weeks later for the permanent crown to be placed.

Because we’re committed to making your dental visits positive, our state-of-the-art dental office is equipped with CEREC. This allows Dr. Sperling to obtain a precise digital impression of your teeth without you having to bite into unpleasant putty.


This machine uses a solid block of high-quality porcelain to carve out a precise, shade-matched replica of your healthy tooth for a uniform smile.  Our dentist fits and cements your new crown securely around the tooth to provide a strong, natural-looking restoration.

Because the crafting of your crown is completed while you are present in our office, Dr. Sperling is able to maximize the quality of your restoration. Dr. Sperling performs shade matching and characterization by working closely with you and carefully comparing the adjacent teeth. He takes great care to makes sure your crown feels and looks completely natural.

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When receiving same-day crowns at our dental office, you will have the opportunity to relax in our luxurious massage chair. You might actually wish your treatment took longer!

Thinking about receiving dental implants? Ask us how same-day crowns can improve your experience.

The team at Dental Care Center of Hollywood knows that having a dental emergency or concern is stressful enough. We value your time and prioritize your care. 


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