Testimonials 2009

Testimonials 2009

I'm terrified of dental care in general. However, today I was made feel extremely comfortable. The Dentist was kind, caring and very compassionate. The Dental assitant was also very kind and was there for comfort and support. I had a great overall experience. I suffer from seizures & palpitations; that was taken into consideration during my care and appropiate medication was used. I recieved excellent care today.


Laura Vazquez RN. 12/16/09

The doctors and Staff at the Dental Care Center of Hollywood are fabulous. The girls that run the office are professional, courteous and genuinely care about you. Dr. Hans is the most gentle dentist I have ever had. I am deathly affraid of the dentist's needle, he is a master. I never felt anything. His wife Jeaninne is a breath of fresh air, so sweet and kind. They are the perfect dental team. I would highly recommend their office to any of my friends or family looking to change to a dental office that is state of the art along with their very caring, gentle hands.
Thank You DCC, My family loves you.

DeAnna and Gary Kramer. 12/14/2009

I want to tell you the great experience that I had at the Dental Care Clinic. I was looking for a dentist with good references, experience, and close to my residence. Dr. Sperling was one of the dentists listed as a preferred provider for my dental insurance and after I verifyied his credentials and references I felt that he was the professional that I was looking for my dental care needs.
On my first visit Dr. Sperling and his staff explained my treatment and cost and took their time to answer my questions and ease my worries. The staff explained me the different payment plans offered by the clinic to cover deductibles and copay and gave me the opportunity to select the plan that better met my financial status.
The staff is very professional and skillful; they accommodated my immediate needs such as emergency appointments and conferences with the doctor among others. "Follow-up" for each procedure performed is a feature of the office that I really liked. I also want to point out the high tech equipment and the website where I could check my future appointments. I really felt like part of the team too!

Jose D. Marrero 12/14/2009

My experiences at the Dental Care Center of Hollywood have been positive. I have faith in Dr. Sperling and his advice and expertise have saved my teeth and gums. He is gentle and caring.

Teresa S. 12/05/09

Service at the Dental Care Center of Hollywood is of excellent quality. The Staff behaves in a professional manner and is very attentive to the care and comfort of patients.
My Doctor Dr. Hans Sperling is very meticulous in his examination of patients and is always willing to answer any questions posed by patients avout patient health.
The staff is always on top of new technology use and will suggest to patients ways to better their oral care.


Jenny W. 10/26/09

I have had a life long fear of Dentists. When I first came into Dr. Sperling’s office, I was told by the doctor that I needed a lot of painful and expensive work. His Office Manager Jeanine assured me that they treated all their patients like family and I would be in good hands. Not knowing the people there I took this with a grain of salt. Not only was I nervous about the work to be done, I was also worried about putting myself in debt for my teeth. So I told them to forget it.

A few days later I received a call from Dr. Sperling, who told me he had been thinking about my case and would like me to come in and discuss an alternative treatment plan. Reluctantly I returned to talk to him. With his kind and compassionate manner, he took time to explain to me what he would do. The sedatives he would use and assured me I would not feel any pain or discomfort. I was still very nervous but I agreed to the treatment, and he also found a way of cutting the cost.

On the day of the treatment I took the medication he prescribed, and arrived at his office. His assistant Sharon took me to the treatment room. Where I told her I was very scared, she promised she would hold my hand and not leave me and if I had a problem to raise my hand the doctor would stop. The nitrous oxide mask was placed over my nose and after a few moments I felt relaxed. The doctor came in to give me the Novocain and I did not even feel the needle go into my gum. The whole time Sharon was holding my hand. After that I remember the doctor telling me what he was going to do, but I do not remember any discomfort. I had two teeth removed, didn’t feel a thing, my gums were not even red or swollen after the extractions. When Sharon had to the leave the room she made sure someone was with me. I was in the chair for two hours and never once did I feel unsafe or in pain. Even the day after I was not in pain.

This truly is a unique Dental Practice; from the young ladies at the front desk to all the staff in the back office they are all unique. When the Office Manager tells you that they treat you like family please believe her. Everyone here knows my name and the Dentist is the kindest gentlest man I have come across in his profession.

Do not look any further for a Dentist.


Lynn S. 9/2/09

Since I got here everyone from the front staff to Hans Sperling was excellent. Prompt timing as well. Thank you so much for getting me in for my teeth as quickly as you did. I will recommend you to everyone that needs a good dentist and experience.

Blaine S. 8/26/09

I really like the doctors and staff at Dental Care Center of Hollywood. Even though I no longer work in Hollywood and it’s a bit of a drive to get to my appointments from Wilton Manors. I continue to make the drive because I believe that I get the best of care from Dental Care Center of Hollywood. Every chance I get I recommend my dentist to family and friends.

Kevin S. 8/24/09

Estoy bien agradecido por el trabajo realizado que me han hecho en mi dentadura buen trabajo y muy amable todo el personal del Dr. Hans Sperling.

Gracias por todo.

Gilberto S. 8/24/09

My experience has been wonderful in this office. Everyone is very professional and calming. Dr. Sperling is a very fine dentist and has a well trained staff.

Sharon A. 8/20/09

My experience at this office is one of the greatest. This staff is best of people I ever had. Caring and warm. I would recommend this doctor and his staff to everyone who wants to visit a dentist office. I think I found my dentist with a great staff.

Stanley R. 8/20/09

I always had a fear of Dentist. A terrible fear due to a very traumatic experience.

My experience at your facility was awesome that I cried after my first injection. A cry of relief

Awesome staff and excellent care.

Keep up the good work. God Bless

Sheila P. 8/17/09

Excellent treatment. Minimum pain.
Appointment is always right on time with scheduled time. Dental Assistants and Office Staff are friendly and helpful.

Judith S. 8/5/09

All I can say is, great job, I am extremely satisfied with the work you performed. It eases my mind to know I now have a healthy mouth and teeth.

Gary K. 7/23/09

I was reluctant to fix what I knew was a dental problem. Dr. Sperling had attempted to convince me to have the necessary work done and I decided against it. A year went by and at my annual check-up things had deteriorated to the point where I had to face reality and bring my oral health up to 100%.

The experience was all positive – staffs are wonderful and professional. My mouth feels great, Dr. Sperling was the best.

Gary K. 7/22/09

Coming to the dentist is never fun... but coming here is always a pleasure. The service and professionalism is unmatched. I can't thank the whole team enough and Dr. Sperling is pure majic, simply outstanding.
Thank you!


Patrick R. 6/30/09

My family and I have been coming to Dental Care Center of Hollywood since 2005. Coming to the office is like visiting family. Everyone here remembers your name and always ask for the members of the family that is not with you. They remember what needs to be done on your teeth without even looking at the chart. My older son had braces here and from start to finish the staff and doctors helped us thru the process. When it was finally time to have them removed, we were ecstatic to see the results. His teeth and smile just make his already handsome face even more handsome. My youngest son had an appliance placed and when it was removed you could actually see the difference. Coming to this office is a pleasure. Again they treat you like family.

Roxanna F. 6/11/09

Great! Painless! Friendly! Great Staff! Root canal was painless and very well done. Highly recommend the office, doctor and staff.

Carlos C. 6/10/09

My Invisalign appointments have been excellent. I have been advised and guided throughout the entire process. It works very well and I am rather awed by the results.

My checkups and cleanings are also very professional experiences. I received comprehensive, swift and effective care. Not service but patient care.

Congratulations to an excellent and very professional team.

Thomas S. 5/19/09

I had to get an implant and a root canal and I was worried that neither would go well because of previous experiences with other dentists but Dr. Sperling assured me all would be fine. Both procedures went well and he continued to do follow up appointments to assure the teeth and gums were healthy and recovered fully. He was super patient with all my questions and his staff is the best.

Anita V. 5/6/09

For as long as I can remember I wasn’t so keen on the idea of showing my teeth. I absolutely dreaded my teeth. However, after a couple of visits to my talented dentist Dr. Hans Sperling and his assistant Ms. Sharon …changed my world.

Dr. Hans my ideal “Tooth Fairy” who brought smile back to me. Guess what: I caught myself smiling without covering my face and can’t stop now.

“I love my dentist with all my teeth”

Shirley V. 4/1/09

We can all agree that going to the dentist is not our favorite place to go. One must understand it is very essential to have our teeth checked. I had a great deal of work to be done on my teeth and I can say thank God I found Dr. Sperling. I was very nervous going to the dentist but found Dr. Sperling was very gentle, intelligent and consults with you in everything before he works on you. His modern equipment makes it quite easy to understanding.

I would recommend Dr. Sperling to anyone who is looking for a great and honest dentist.

Lydia O. 3/30/09

My experience at Dental Care Center of Hollywood turned out to be nothing like I expected. I’ve always been very afraid and uncomfortable of dentist offices, but Dr. Sperling and his staff were very pleasant and comforting. The surgery went great I only experienced minor pain and the follow up was quick, painless and easy. I will definitely return to Dental Care Center of Hollywood.

Evelyn G. 3/5/09

I have nothing but the highest regard for Dr. Sperling, his wife and staff. From the very first appointment I felt welcomed in this family atmosphere (a dentist office of all places!). My fear of dentist (the reason I’m here) was quickly relieved with Dr. Sperling’s work and his clear explanation of the work he was going to have to perform to better my smile and make me happy!

I offer my sincere thanks for your services and I will refer you to my friends and family.

Anita B. 2/25/09

Before I met Dr. Sperling and his assistants I hated my tooth and did'nt like to smile for pictures. i dealt with this for 10 years. Now I can't stop smiling. My teeth are beatiful and I owe it all to dr. Sperling and his crew.

Aimee G. 2/16/09

Amazingly when you are embarrased over the appearance of your mouth you never truly learn how to smile because you get used to hiding your teeth. Finally, after 33 years of age I have finally started to smile for the first time and am eternally grateful for the dedication and care taken to improve my dental health.

Carmen S. 2/16/09

I would like to start out by saying that before coming to this center I was extremely nervous and apprehensive. I had to have multiple procedures. As soon as I walked in the staff was so reassuring and caring, from the front desk to the staff during the procedure. The dentist and assistant worked through all my fears. The made me comfortable. Made sure I was calm. They were extremely patient and kind with me.

I would recommend this center to anyone!

Susana M. 2/2/09

From my very first visit to the office, I found a staff that was pleasant polite and helpful. The procedure was adequately explained and Dr. Sperling was extremely patient as he answered my many questions. I never got the impression that he thought my questions were unnecessary or that I was wasting his time. I felt special every time I came to the office.

Special thanks to every single person in the office… I don’t want to start naming names and as always happens inadvertently miss someone. So to all of you… THANK YOU!!!!

Mable H. 12/23/08

I drove 50 miles from Miami and it was well worth it for the expertise of Dr. Hans Sperling. His staff was competent and professional. The office location was desirable and his offices spotless!

Elba G. 11/26/08

I came to Dr. Sperling as a first time patient due to an emergency, a broken crown & I was confident enough with him to have other necessary repairs done. His assistants were excellent and they explained all procedures as they were being done, as did the Dr.
Also important waiting time was minimal as my appointment times were met without exception.
The results are excellent and I don't anticipate any more problems for a long while.


Judith S. 9/9/08

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